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PRIMARY is in the business of self-care, and that’s no accident. We think self-care is a terribly important piece to living productive, joyous, and inspired lives. It’s a foundation for everything that follows. If we take care of ourselves, we’re able to put our best selves into the world—and that’s more important than ever, don’t you think?

But beyond all of this, PRIMARY comes from a place where thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and making informed choices can serve as some type of magic. It’s transformative stuff. A female-owned business, PRIMARY is rigorously researched, proudly efficient, and produced by hand. Every PRIMARY product is carefully created and artfully packaged, because we believe in elevating every aspect of the process, from the very first glimmers of a new idea to a product’s on-the-shelf or in-your-home new life. We are committed to creating things we’re proud to stand behind and excited to share with the world. In short: We’re so glad you’re here.

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PRIMARY Founder Jessica Olsen

I’ve always had a knack for problem solving and a pesky—though often rewarding—penchant for digging in deep. My love for developing ideas, meticulously researching, and becoming intimately familiar with the unknown is what drives me every single day. I geek out over each step of the process and love sharing what I find along the way. I also have a strong desire to nurture others and help people heal.  The inspiration for PRIMARY comes from these great loves. It’s a passion project in its truest sense, and I’m over the moon to bring to you the fruits of my journey.

- Jessica