Primary x MBS: Mineral Deodorant

Primary x MBS: Mineral Deodorant


An exclusive scent developed by PRIMARY in collaboration with Miranda Bennett Studio, this clean, lightweight scent captures the MBS spirit of versatility and ease. Inspired by the MBS plant-dyed apparel collections, this luminous, green-floral blend incorporates the native plants of the Texas Southwest - tree ripened oranges, Mexican juniper, citrus leaves, and fresh flowers. Lightly rosy with energizing freshness and grounding warmth. Modern, elegant, and totally wearable.

Top Note: Valley Citrus, Prairie Rose
Mid Note: Palo Santo, Petitgrain sur Fleurs
Base Note: Texas Cedarwood

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PRIMARY Mineral Deodorant Spray

is lightweight and aluminium-free, formulated with pure magnesium chloride + zinc rincolate, and enriched with a blend of seven active essential oils. Designed to effectively inhibit and neutralize the growth of odor-causing bacteria, support your body’s natural efforts to eliminate toxins, and have you feeling clean and smelling fresh.



Scent Profile: Opulent, slightly green, with fresh notes of citrus zest, fragrant orange blossom and a sweet-woody undertone. A perfect balance of nuanced soft spice and smooth green rosiness.